Taekwondo Etiquette


  1. All members should call the Head Instructor “Master Jeff”. Other instructors should be called “Sir” or “Sabonim”.

  2. Students should bow to instructors when first approaching them or directing questions to them. The instructor will return the bow as a sign of courtesy.

  3. When entering and leaving the training hall, students must show their respect by bowing towards the centre of the room.

  4. Any member arriving after the class has commenced must wait until they have received permission from the instructor in charge before bowing and joining the class.

  5. If passing by an instructor, students should pass behind them, not in front.

  6. Students should always present themselves neatly before their instructors. When adjusting their uniform, students should turn away from the instructor.

  7. If an instructor is not present, the senior student shall represent them. Other students must accept the senior as the instructor for the interim. The senior student must lead appropriately so as to be respected by the students.

  8. If the Head Instructor arrives at class after training has commenced, or departs class before training has concluded, the entire class will come to attention and bow to him.

  9. Students should never cross their arms or have their hand on hips. When standing, they should stand “at ease” with their hands behind the back. Whilst sitting, students should sit upright with their legs crossed.

  10. During competition, players should treat their coach as they would their own instructor.

  11. To show respect to instructors and other members, students should:

  12. keep talking and laughter in class to a minimum;

  13. remove all jewelry before training;

  14. not chew gum;

  15. not smoke near the training hall;

  16. keep fingernails and toenails trimmed.

  17. Students should be changed and ready to begin training at the designated class time. Protective equipment should be ready to be worn so that classes can continue with a minimum of interruption.

  18. Street shoes should not be worn on the training mats.

The above rules are designed to enhance your learning via the smooth running of classes and to ensure your safety. It is important that senior students observe and practice these rules in order to set an example for other students. Please feel free to approach senior students or instructors if you have any queries on matters of etiquette.

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