Walking through that door for the first time...

Did you know that Taekwondo,  "Tae" meaning foot, "Kwon" meaning fist and "Do" meaning way of, is more widely practised than any other martial arts system in the world?  There are more than 50 million practitioners worldwide.

And Taekwondo isn’t just for fit young people.  Mums, dads, kids, and grandparents enjoy many benefits from practising with a skilled and qualified instructor.  The various stances and forms you will learn all help to strengthen your body, mind and spirit, building a quiet confidence and self assurance valuable at any age and stage of life.


And you know what the hardest part is?  Walking through that door for the first time.  Stepping into the Dojang, knowing nothing, maybe feeling a bit anxious about whether it’s right for you, but wanting to find out anyway, wanting to learn.  That’s the tough bit!  After you’ve taken that first step, you’ll soon discover that most people learning Taekwondo are very friendly and helpful. 

Some of the closest friends of my life I met through Taekwondo.  People who were on the same path, seeking a better, more meaningful way to meet life’s challenges.  People who wanted to challenge themselves, to see how much they could accomplish.  And people who wanted to do all this and enjoy being part of a fun, supportive community.

The first step is the only one you make alone. 


Come, join us.

Karl Gawlik

Knox Taekwondo Academy 

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